A community is alive – it works, it raises its voice, it sings, it cries out with compassion, barters, argues, celebrates. 

The marketplace is a meeting place. Both the body politic and the body. Not what history makes of us, but what we make of history.


The past year has brought shared awakening, a renewed sense of community, and a need for transformation to the forefront. We can feel it in the air, our time has come. While our physical space has been closed, we have continued to deliver programs that connect, educate and enrich the community. As we embark on a big, bold vision for tomorrow, we are supported by a solid foundation and you - the people.  

Your support of The People's Residence (ADBCC) has been quietly powering this movement over the last 20+ years. We have provided an inclusive space that uses arts and culture to teach, educate, develop skills, connecand celebrate our rich African and Caribbean heritage while building economic power within our community. 

We have built a space that honours our collective history while fueling the dreams of tomorrow. Thank you for helping us grow our legacy together!

Each day we touch lives through our world class model. We strive to preserve our neighbourhood and a people’s history to ensure the rich legacy of Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry. With your help, our impact will continue to grow.

Your digital brick will be forever engraved with your name on our wall of fame, providing a physical presence of your support. 

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Invest in infrastructure targeted on supporting the rich cultural legacy of blacks in Canada.

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Building our Legacy Together

A New Address - 756 Bathurst Street

Our Vision

Four Floors for the Next Chapter

Next Fall 2022, The People's Residence will take its place in 756 Bathurst Street, and become one of the 24 conserved heritage buildings in the revitalized Mirvish Village. This expansion provides the next gathering place for learning, sharing, celebrating and empowering for which The People’s Residence is known.

But we can't do it alone.

Dream. Believe. Do. Your brick contributes to the $5 Million capital campaign for the centre. A centre that will support of a variety of programs, experiences, and knowledge-building opportunities that occur on a daily basis. The new state of the art space will boast:

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The People’s Residence (ADBCC) is a hub and a destination that uses arts and culture to teach, educate, develop skills, connect and celebrate our rich heritage while building economic power within the Afro-Caribbean community. We are for the people, by the people. We are continually evolving.

About The People’s Residence

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Emancipation Day Train Ride
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Promoting mental, spiritual, physical health and well-being

Strengthening skills, knowledge spanning toddlers to seniors

Building a talent pool with technical skills

Walk with Excellence

Emancipation Day Train Ride

Shake Up Your Life!

Everyday Ubuntu Book Signing

Viola Desmond Bank Note Unveiling

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Note: ADBCC - The People's Residence is a registered nonprofit organization. We cannot issue tax receipts at this time, only registered charities are able to do so.

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